VMWare Fusion Error Recovery

I’m running VMWare Fusion on my MacBook Pro. I run an Ubuntu Maverick VM for some development work. One time, I tried restarting it from a suspended state and kept getting an error that “unexpected signal 10 received”. I was told to look for a log file, send it to VMWare support, etc, etc. I was unable to get the VM back up and had no option to boot the VM from scratch.

The answer turns out to be fairly simple. In my ~/Documents/Virtual Machines/ directory, there’s a directory for my VM. If I browse there in the finder, I can right-click and select “show package contents”. In the files contained in the VM directory, there is one ending in vmem and a directory ending in vmem.lck. I moved both of those to the trash and tried launching the VM again. This time, it said there was an error and would I like to preserve the state or not. I chose not to, and then I was able to boot the VM from scratch!