WWDC09 Keynote

I got up before 6am and got into the line about 6:40. By then, I was #722. I heard the first person in line got there at 5:30pm the yesterday! That’s hard core! I might have broken the 700 barrier if I hadn’t stopped at Starbucks to get oatmeal and a frappuccino. I’m pretty sure I saw Peter Ha from CrunchGear getting into line after me! You can see from the pictures below, how long the lines were and how packed in we were while waiting inside for the 3rd floor to open up.

A great summary of the keynote is posted on Engadget as well, so I won’t try to duplicate that.

First glimpse of the Apple WWDC 2009

I’ve just signed in and from the signs, you’d think this was the iPhone Dev conference. It’s all about the apps at this conference, oh, and that one Snow Leopard banner is up there also… See for yourself.