iPhone 3.0 OS helps you login to hotspots!

I had my iPod touch that has the 3.0 OS loaded with me yesterday. I thought I’d try it on the Panera WiFi. I often go there to work with my laptop and get something to eat. Often, I meet someone there and we socialize and work and eat.. it’s all good.
Back to the 3.0 OS thing. The neat thing I discovered was that when I selected the “Panera” hotspot, I was presented with a browser window so that I could authenticate right away! That was pretty cool! It saves me from having to go into Safari, just for the purposes of clicking the “login” button.

Alert showing available hotspots

Alert showing available hotspots

Login helper window

Login helper window

(It was hard to get a shot of the browser window… this is the best I could do)
So, I login via that browser window, click “done” and I’m able to go into what ever app I wanted to run in the first place. I’m impressed because I always felt that was a nuisance and this new way is much more streamlined. Thanks, Apple!!

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