directEC2 is available in the AppStore

I’m pleased to announce that the application I wrote to manage Amazon EC2 instances from an iPhone or iPod touch is now in the AppStore. This application is the first version of what will become a very feature rich management console. Here is a quick run-down of the features;

  • Manage images, instances, volumes, snapshots and more.
  • Maintain launch configurations to quickly spin up more servers
  • Check server status, console output
  • Multiple account support
  • Access all regions
  • Create, attach volumes
  • Backup and restore with snapshots
  • Shake navigation aid
That last item is something I came up with to solve the problem of being several levels deep in the application navigation. To simplify returning to the top level, the application responds to shake and resets the navigation. This turns out to be pretty handy and I hope other applications adopt this feature.
Get the app here: iTunes App Store
Here are some screenshots to entice you;

5 thoughts on “directEC2 is available in the AppStore

  1. Hello David,

    I have question regarding the “Shake navigation aid”. I am a beginner to iPhone programming, and I am writing a simple navigation view controller based app. Like you said, shaking the phone to return to the home screen is a big time saver. Could you please point me the direction to some resources to implement that? I am stuck on getting the phone responses to shaking motion and resetting the stack. Appreciate it.



    1. Herman,
      I liked the “shake back home” feature, but in OS 3.0, the shake action is tied to “undo”. I’m not sure I can retain that.
      If you want code for shake, look at the GLPaint sample code. I simple had my root nav view respond to the shake, and call;
      [self.navigationController popToRootViewControllerAnimated:YES];


      1. Thank you for your reply, David.

        You are right about shake action been tied to undo, because all resources online, and even sample code on Apple’s developer site are about that only.

        So basically, I simply have to make my root navigation view controller a first responder to shake, and call that command in a function specifying when a shake motion is detected? Sounds complicated, but I will try my best to try it out.

        And I will look into GLPaint code.

        Thanks again.



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