QueryTool now exports data

There are some things I’ve been wanting in the QueryTool, so I just threw them in. Here’s the list;

  • proxy support (add proxy host and port to the command line args)
  • sortable results table (via column header click)
  • export result data to CSV file
  • scrollable query scratchpad

Screen shot 2009-09-18 at 10.00.01 AM

The tool can be downloaded here

To run it, type;

java -jar QueryTool1.2.jar <AccessId> <SecretKey> [ProxyHost] [ProxyPort]

5 thoughts on “QueryTool now exports data

  1. Thanks for putting this (and the Typica library) together. Would it be possible to add some error reporting into the query tool? I’m trying to debug a query and was hoping the tool would make it easy to try out a few different approaches, but when the query fails, it fails silently.

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