A New Adventure

My professional career has been spent at 2 companies, Eastman Kodak and D.O.Tech/directThought (rebranded 9 years in). At Kodak, I worked on blood analyzers (which they spun off to J&J), Photo CD (which was made obsolete by newer technologies) and Picture Maker, which is still going strong after N generations of hardware/software. At directThought, I had the joy of working with a lot of great people and working on some interesting projects. I worked on a Picture Maker-like kiosk/web-app/desktop app combination at Xerox. They even created a new division for that project called Pixography. We had XML templates that described printed products like greeting cards, calendars, business cards, brochures and photo books (to name a few). Java 2D rendered everything for print and preview. We had tight integration between the 3 different apps but that project died in its original form, but lived on in spirit in a custom production printing installation out on the west coast. After that, I worked on some enterprise apps for Pfizer, a payroll application for Paychex, then back to more custom apps for the services arm of Xerox. At that point, I got involved in Amazon Web Service and started kicking the tires on this new service called EC2. During that time, I started my most successful open source project called typica, which is still has a lot of users. After Xerox, I helped a number of customers run their apps on AWS’s infrastructure. We were fortunate enough to be come an inaugural AWS System Integrator. I was also asked to learn how to write apps for this hot new platform called the iPhone. I’ve had a couple of apps in the app store, and worked on a few more. I also got to go to the only WWDC where Steve didn’t deliver the keynote (because he was getting a new liver). All in all, a pretty great experience with may interesting technologies under my belt.

Now, I feel like it is time for a change. I’ve just accepted a job with Eucalyptus Systems! They build infrastructure that powers clouds. They have a lot of great people working there and I am looking forward to doing my part to help the company grow, if not flourish in this exciting space. Since they just started business last year, I can say I’m now part of a fast growing startup! Very excited!

3 thoughts on “A New Adventure

    1. Thanks, Onno! I’ll be around Rochester still. Maybe RAWSUG will morf into something more generally cloud related.

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