Using the Eucalyptus User Console with AWS

At the end of last year, we (Eucalyptus) released version 3.2 which included our user console. This feature finally allowed regular users to login to a web UI to manage their resources. Because this was our first release, we had a lot of catching up to do. I would say that is still the case, but the point here is that we were able to test all of our features against Eucalyptus. As we add features to the user console which are currently under development in the server side, we must have the capability to test using the AWS services. Our API fidelity goal means that we are really able to develop against the Amazon implementation and then test against the Eucalyptus version when that becomes ready. Recently we did this for resource tagging. The server side folks have just finished implementing that, so we’ll be able to point the user console at our own server soon.

As a result of this need for testing with Amazon, we have hacked in a way to connect the user console with AWS endpoints. The trick is simple. In the login screen, there are 3 fields. Those fields are normally for account, username and password. To connect with Amazon, simply supply endpoint, access key and secret key in that order, in the account/user/password fields, like in the picture below


After logging in, you can use all of the features in the user console against your AWS account. One difference is in how images are handled. Because of the very large number of public images (14 thousand at last count), the user console will only show images owned by (or shared with) the AWS account. The picture below shows what you might see on the dashboard. Notice the access key and endpoint appear to the upper right.



You may notice the large number of snapshots shown. This includes all public snapshots, and maybe need to be limited to those owned by the user at some point.

The code is currently in the testing branch on github.

7 thoughts on “Using the Eucalyptus User Console with AWS

    1. Rob, 3.2.0 has a slightly harder to use version where you set the values in the console.ini file. Current development (master) has this feature. Of course, as we start integrating more current development into this branch, you’ll notice some stability issues inherent with current dev branches. I think if you pull a version from the end of January or so, that will be very close to what’s in 3.2.1 and also have this “hack”. (for instance, use this hash “1d7a1ea879e0e3d570c2882da3d371046ee7bc81”)

    1. Well, I know that on the Kavanagh side, my descendant left Ireland in the 1800s (I’d have to look up the year). My mom’s side is Kelley, not sure the dates there. Thanks for the link. I remember something about Donal Kavanagh being the King of Leinster. Considered naming my son that, but he’s Ryan instead.

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