IAM Role support for the Eucalyptus Management Console

If you like using IAM Roles in Eucalyptus, there’s a nice option for you to try out. Since Eucalyptus 4.0 was just released with a brand new management console, I thought it would be a good time to let you know about a feature branch you can try out if you don’t mind installing from source. Please find instructions in the README for installing dependencies and running from source. You can install using “python setup.py install”

If you haven’t seen the new console yet, it adds support for IAM Users and Groups. This means you can manage users, groups and policies for the account, all from the console. This branch adds support for IAM Roles. Along side users and groups, you’ll be able to create, view and delete roles. To use roles, you assign them to instances or launch configurations (for AutoScaling). This allows you to assign special privileges to instances. I’ve added the ability to assign a role in both the new instance wizard and launch configuration wizard. The required IAM Instance Profile is handled for you by the console.

Here are some screen shots to show you a few of the changes.





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