QueryTool 1.1, even more to like!

Screen shot 2009-08-05 at 4.29.39 PM

A number of you have requested some new features, and some of them have made it into this new release. You can now add and delete domains from within the tool. Also, clicking on results lets you copy the cell or row into the clipboard. This later feature can be really handy for putting item names into queries. So, check it out! Once you download the jar, you run it by using this command;

java -jar QueryTool1.1.jar <accessId> <secretKey>

2 thoughts on “QueryTool 1.1, even more to like!

  1. I’m working on the 1.2 release. Proxy support, scrolling query area and, probably most cool is the CSV export.
    Also, want to do column sorting of results, but that’s almost free in Java 6. What do people think of just supporting that for Java 6, and not Java 5?

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